What is Lumina Park?

The Illumination Park is an amazing winter attraction – a multimedia walk in a fairy-tale land created by light and sound. These types of attractions have been known in American botanical gardens for years. Now they are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

This year, thanks to Lumina company, the illumination park will return to Topacz Castle near Wrocław, Poznań, Lublin and Bydgoszcz. Moreover, Lumina Park will appear, completely premiere, in three beautiful European capitals – Budapest, Prague and Vilnius!

We brighten up dark winter evenings, literally and figuratively.

We are an attraction addressed to various age groups, both children and adults will find something for themselves.

Lumina Parks have magic that you have to feel by yourself!

Lumina Park in numbers



in Europe



in all our parks

Lumina Park in numbers

280 km of electric lines

This year, we used over 280 km of electric lines to create all the parks! This means that if one were to stretch this line in Wrocław, its end would be ... in Prague!

2 144 162 LED lights

There are 1,072,081 LEDs in all our parks

15 m

The highest of the art installations in our parks is over 15 metres high

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Thank you for 2021/22 season!

We are coming back in autumn with new, even better exhabition!

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